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Kubota SVL97-2
5 tonne Track Loader

Kubota’s new SVL97-2 compact track loader delivers superior breakout force and lifting capacity, outstanding stability and a wide, comfortable operator area. Equipped with Kubota’s new rear-view camera increasing visibility and safety on your job, and Telematics connecting to the tools you use to give you information like, accumulated hours, fuel level, location, temperatures and more!

“Kubota’s new SVL97-2 sets the bar for our compact track loader line with standard equipped telematics, rear view camera, lockable DEF door and a newly redesigned DEF System.”

Kubota -SVL97-2-Brochure

Kubota SVL95-2 Operators Manual

Kubota SVL95 Risk Assessment

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Quick Specs:
Type: Track Loader
Operating Weight: 5250kg

Engine HP: 96.4 HP
Width: 1955mm
Height: 2116mm
Length: 3150mm (no bucket)
Length: 3930mm (with bucket)

Bucket Width: 2030mm

Aux. Hydraulic Flow – Standard: 87.6 LPM
Aux. Hydraulic Flow – High: 152 LPM
Lift Capacity at 35%: 1451kg
Lift Capacity at 50%: 2074kg
Travel Speed (Low/High): 8 / 11.7 km/h

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